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first, the fun stuff -another image from the shoot with river… - breathing underwaterland

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September 14th, 2006

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08:39 am
first, the fun stuff -another image from the shoot with river

and now, the life-stuff:

i've been working pretty hard on the dammasch show in november. i'm making huge image files for the new printer, and on tuesday, i had a get together in my back yard to stuff a bunch of little sewn forms i made out of the curtains gathered from dammasch. i had a great time with those who came and also really appreciated the help. i will probably have another "come and help me stuff it" party in october; i hope it's as much fun as this one was.

i woke up today and knew i was going to cancel my april show if i don't get the grant. i see it this way:

1. i spent 10 years busting my ass making installations, have received maybe 5 good sized reviews (not a ton, but enough) and a whole bunch of silly one-paragraph deals. meaning: i have a proven track record of doing well, following through, etc.

2. i have never made a penny on any of my installations.

3. i'm 50. meaning: i'm tool old to be PAYING TO WORK.

4. the dammasch project scheduled for april will cost a butt-load and NOT BE MARKETABLE. it is intellectual property/sociopolitical commentary, as opposed to being "beautiful" artwork fitting for display behind someone's couch.

5. i just got another show in may at guardino gallery. THAT will also cost both time and money and promises some return. i will be showing with a glass artist named andy paiko. look how kewl his stuff is:

this is a "spine jar". kinda works with my images as i have bones in a number of them. he's also created functional measuring devices, all out of glass. a seismograph, for example, and a balance.

anyhoo...thoughts before beginning work...
Current Mood: busybusy

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Date:September 15th, 2006 04:03 am (UTC)
i agree. sometimes it's just hard to keep going when you have to go in debt.

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