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erg...many, many muddy hands - breathing underwaterland

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September 8th, 2006

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08:43 am - erg...many, many muddy hands

muddy hands

whenever i get an image like this, that i crop:

muddy hands (2)

and then crop again,

muddy hands (3)

it's obvious that i don't have a perfect deal. well, I WANT A PERFECT DEAL. in fact, whenever i go out on a shoot, that is exactly what i'm looking for. i want something perfect -something that achieves its own sort of escape velocity. i am not a great lover of images that require neighbors for context. or of "small" pictures. of course, i have thousands of "small" gems: i have rubies and saphires and emeralds by the dozens. and i stash them in folders on my desktop. sometimes i just throw them out. why? because they're not diamonds.

a month ago when i got the acceptance from calyx, one of the images they chose was an image i have always loved, but don't consider "perfect". it's the image of the one-eyed woman holding the crow. they chose that image OVER one i think is perfect. it got me to thinking of this:

my perfect isn't your perfect.

small things are perfect in their own way; there is amazingness in non-perfection.

i tend to approach my entire life way i approach my artwork. i don't really allow for imperfection. i don't really allow for things like vacations. i want things done correctly right NOW...etc. in my race for the the perfect thing, i miss or squander piles of experiences that add depth and substance to life.

about the image i posted here, what i like about it is the light and the gesture. it doesn't look like a photo to me, but more like a painting. like a modern rendition of a caravaggio...at least in the treatment of the light relations.

the magic moment when we become aware that there is more life lived than left.

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[User Picture]
Date:September 9th, 2006 04:30 am (UTC)
ok, grab onto yo’ mouse and let’s boogie . . .
(i think it’s the same in cs as with the crap version i use)
1. create a new layer – the layer will be selected by default
- i’ll assume you have an image open (-;
2. change the layer type to “overlay”
3. fill with 50% grey – edit-fill . . .
you can see this on the layer thumbnail (nothing will happen to the image)
4. switch to the brush tool, start with a nice soft edge brush
and set the opacity to around 20% to start
5. use black to burn, white to dodge (select at the bottom of the tool bar . . .)
6. start painting on the overlay. yo!
7. use the layer opacity to attenuate if too intense
8. you can also use the gaussian blur filter to soften the effects . . .
kewl, eh.
after you play with one it’s easy.
tomorrow we selectively add filters using the alpha channel (-:

ok, since it’s your birthday dear . . .
you may regret asking



[User Picture]
Date:September 9th, 2006 04:37 pm (UTC)
OMGGGGGG!! WELL, BESIDES THE CONTEXT OF THE IMAGE ITSELF ("what a dork" -says under breath) you are NOT funny looking. WTF, james??? you were supposed to be funny-looking!!

i'll try that process...but not today. today i'm all about playing. it's m'bday! also, thank you for taking the time to write it, jim.


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