breathing underwaterland

writings by kat manson

abandoned buildings, abandoned towns, academia, add (n) to x, alchemy, alfred hitchcock, andrei tarkovsky, angels of light, animal rights, art bell, artaud, asylums, bees, biology, blonde redhead, body art, body modification, body parts, bohemia, brainiacs, bram stoker, brothers quay, cats, chocolate cake, cocteau twins, coen brothers, collide, complexities, connie imboden, curve, dark art, david cronenberg, david lynch, decadence, decay, deerhoof, disorders, do not enter, don delillo, dreads, dreaming, dreams, edgar allan poe, einstürzende neubauten, empty houses, experimental noise, experimentation, film, film noir, fine art photography, fire dancing, floria sigismondi, freaks, fruits, george a. romero, ghost stories, ghost towns, ghosts, h.p. lovecraft, haunted houses, hauntings, horror, horror films, horror movies, horror. film theory, hospitals, hp lovecraft, human behaviour, hybrid formations, industrial & percussive music, interconnectedness, joel-peter witkin, john cage, lima beans, love, low, lowbrow art, medical curiousities, my bloody valentine, nature/nurture, nietsche, nightmares, no wave, noise, nurse with wound, organic, paganism, paul sharitz, peter greenaway, philip k. dick, photography, quakerism, rasputina, ravenous, reading, riddles, ritual, science fiction, session 9, smith eliot, solitude, sonic youth, spiders, sporks, stan brakhage, stanley kubrick, starns, surrealism, swans, synchronicity, takashi mikke, talking, tattoos, teaching, telepathy, test patterns, the paranormal, transgression, underground tunnels, underworld, veganism, vegetarianism, visions, water, white noise, why?, wicca, women's issues